Restoring harmony to the face and body with the help of cosmetic surgery

No two faces are the same. The form and expression of a face are what reflect its true beauty and appeal. Beauty is not an objective fact: pleasure in oneself is the main factor in feeling good.

Cosmetic surgery’s aim is to restore the harmony of your personality, freeing it from anything that’s holding it back. Our methods meet this need fully. Cosmetic surgery patients know their face and body perfectly. Specialists in this field of surgery must prioritise listening and meeting expectations, rather than producing stereotypes of ideals, as perfect as they might be. Cosmetic surgery is not compulsory but sometimes recommended when the benefit of a better quality of life outweighs the careful calculation of the risks of cosmetic treatment or surgery.

The surgeon will help by indicating whether an intervention is possible, sensible, and will meet the patient's expectations. If the decision is made to proceed, the utmost safety will also be ensured thanks to highly trained staff and specialist equipment.

Out of respect for patients, before and after photographs of procedures are not shown on the website.

Facial surgery

Facelift for women - Dr Fallscheer - Plastic surgery

As the face ages, not only is there a loss of skin elasticity, but also a redistribution of deeper tissue. Many techniques are now available, and various methods can be used depending on your age group, type of problem and requirements. Dr Philipp Fallscheer's clinic in Lugano performs face and eyelid lifts (blepharoplasty), as well as nose and ear corrections.

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Body surgery

Slim hips Dr Fallscheer - Plastic Surgery

Dr Philipp Fallscheer carries out body surgery, breast augmentations and reductions, breast lifts and reconstruction, liposuction, abdominoplasty, gynaecomastia, and abdominal and buttock lifts.

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Reconstructive surgery

Breast reconstruction - Dr Fallscheer Plastic surgery

The aim of reconstructive surgery is to repair tissues after injury or tumour (such as skin or breast cancer), or to improve functionality in the event of scars, injuries from burns or other problems with the tissue covering our body, such as an acquired defect (deformity) or one that is present from birth (malformation).

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